A Filling Diet Breakfast

I found this one from a regular on one of the Weight Watchers message boards. (I think the poster’s name is Lawchick, but am not 100% sure.)

  • Light English muffin (I went with Thomas’ Light Multigrain)
  • Laughing Cow light cheese (I’ve tried the swiss and French onion)
  • 1 slice Canadian bacon (I use turkey Canadian bacon, but you could go with pork)

Toast the muffin, spread on the cheese. Heat the Canadian bacon and add it to the bread and cheese.

I usually have the sandwich with a cup of tea flavored with 1 tablespoon of honey and 2 tablespoons of lemon juice.

Variations: You could also go with the pre-portioned Weight Watchers cream cheese instead of Laughing Cow light wedges. You could also use 2 oz. of Jenny-O turkey ham, or a serving of a light deli meat (check the nutrition information to find something similarly appropriate).


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