Exercise Review: Extreme Fit Interactive Gaming Mat

This exercise/gaming system caught my eye at CVS a couple of months ago, and my husband was kind enough to pick this up for me for my birthday.

I love it! It’s addictive and excellent exercise as well. I’ve been spending most of my time on the jogging and the track and field sections, but there is also a dance game; arcade-style games like basketball, bowling and race car driving; and a section where you can set up a fitness regimen with aerobics, yoga, and other strengthening/cardio routines.

I have been wanting to take up running/jogging, and I think this system will be a good way for me to get started there. I’m proud to say I ran seven tenths of a mile today! Very excited.

The game system came just in time, as I have been feeling like my Walk Away the Pounds DVD is not as challenging as it once was. (Sure, I could go beyond doing three of the routines at once to doing four or five to increase the challenge, but I think I really needed a change of pace.)

My only gripe about the system is that the majority of the games are for one player. The only two-player game is the dance game. But you could take turns with a partner on the other games, as you typically get three tries to get the highest score you can.

Do it alone, or do it in competition (or cooperation) with a second player, and you will have fun and burn calories at the same time. Two dumbbells up!


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