Leslie Sansone Video Rocks!

A couple weeks back, I got the “Leslie Sansone Walk at Home 5-Mile Fat Burning Walk” DVD because I thought it might fit better into my busy schedule to get a good workout in 12 minutes.

The DVD did not disappoint! There are five routines on the video, each a 12-minute mile. Each sequence starts out with a light walking routine, then gets a little faster, then goes into a “boost” for two minutes, where you’re actually jogging while doing the moves. You can customize your workout by stringing the sequences together in any order you want.

As I am a novice exerciser, I’m just starting out with doing one mile at a time. So far, I’ve tried miles 1, 2 and 3 individually, and they are no joke! I felt the burn in my legs, and I also got to a point of labored breathing around the six-minute mark.

The video is also great because of Leslie’s upbeat attitude, the music, and the fact that she features folks on the video doing the workout in different shapes, sizes and ability levels. It feels like a video of “real” people, not ripple-muscled gym rats who could try out for the Navy Seals. Additionally, Sansone’s encouragement to just keep up with the pace of the music and not obsess over mirroring her movements exactly takes some of the anxiety out of the equation when it comes to wanting to do a video as effectively as possible.

Bonus features of the video include an interview with a woman who is working out on the DVD alongside Sansone and has lost more than 100 pounds.

I give this video two dumbbells up. It’s great to know that I can get excellent aerobic exercise in less than 15 minutes. I am hoping to work up to doing the video twice a day.


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