Little Bit of Mambo in My Life

I’ve been wanting to get in more exercise, so I decided to pick up an exercise DVD. I really wanted to get Zumba after hearing so much praise for the workout on the Weight Watchers boards, but I couldn’t find it in any local stores. I didn’t want to wait for it to come via Amazon, so I got the “Dancing With the Stars: Latin Cardio Dance” disc.

Me likey. Not only do you get to work out, but you get to learn steps for the merengue, cha cha, mambo and samba. (If you’re going to Carnival in the future, though, be forewarned that the samba taught on the DVD is a ballroom samba style and not what’s poppin in the streets, according to commenters on YouTube.) PLUS, it comes with a 15-minute toning workout that dancers use. Not bad for 11 bucks!

I was able to make my way through the whole 45-minute routine on the first try, something I was never able to do with my last exercise video foray, TaeBo. I was sweating and my heart was pumping in high gear. Keep in mind I’m an exercise newbie, though; I’ve read comments on Amazon that more experienced exercisers might not feel the burn.

Though I didn’t collapse after 45 minutes, I didn’t get all the moves straight. I think it will come with practice, though. Also, I think I’ll put shoes on next time! I was on my rug in my bare feet. Not helpful for twirling quickly.

Before I got this DVD, I was dancing on my own for some activity. As someone who enjoys dancing, I found “Latin Cardio Dance” to be fun.

I haven’t done the toning workout yet; will report back in the future on that.

All in all, to speak Siskel & Ebert (or Ebert & Roeper, if you’re younger) in exercise terms, 2 barbells up!


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