Shrimp & “Grits” Was a Lifesaver!

Yesterday I met up with a college friend for lunch at a Mexican place. I didn’t go overboard ( I had 10-12 tortilla chips, a little salsa, and half a chicken fajita platter), but I needed to eat lighter that evening.

I’ve been craving shrimp for a while and decided to give in to those cravings. What floated into my mind was a meal I’d eaten at a Low Country/Caribbean restaurant in Savannah, GA a few years ago: shrimp and grits, with sauteed spinach. All of these items are very diet-friendly!

I trotted over to my local ShopRite after work to buy the ingredients. I went with the self-serve steamed Cajun shrimp (10 of them for 2 meals), a bag of triple-washed baby spinach, and a polenta rectangle (OK, not really grits, but close enough, and quicker).

At home, I set the shrimp up in a foil packet on my indoor grill, where I was also grilling fish for my husband. After weighing a portion of polenta on a food scale I recently purchased, I placed the polenta on the grill as well, 5 minutes for each side.

I sauteed the spinach on the stove in 1 tablespoon of olive oil and 1 tablespoon of minced garlic. Voila! A very quick, delicious and nutritious meal.

Update: I really wanted to post a pic of this for you, but I ate the evidence yesterday! I will try to be better at posting pics of stuff I make.


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