Putting Hunger Strikes on Strike

I recently posted on several things I learned from a month of food debauchery, as I like to call it. But I realized this morning that there was actually one other thing I learned, which I need to get better at putting into practice. That’s keeping it real with myself about when I need to eat.

On Weight Watchers, you are encouraged to plan everything you eat, and log every tiny bite, lick of a spoon, or “taste” that you take (known in Weight Watchers parlance as BLT). Sometimes I think I get so caught up in sticking to the script for what I fill in for breakfast, lunch, dinner and a snack on the food log that I forget I’m not forced to eat specifically at those times.

I noticed this weekend that I got hungry before I planned to eat lunch. I planned to have a snack before lunch, but I wasn’t in need of a snack. I was in need of a meal. I tried to ignore my feelings of hunger because it wasn’t time for a meal, according to my nice, neat plan, but guess what? I ended up eating a meal. It wasn’t comprised of the things I had planned to eat, but it was appropriate, at least.

Thinking about it today made me realize there have been many other times when I got hungry before a scheduled eating time, ate off plan, and did not make a good choice. That is completely my fault.

I’ve said before that you need to set your own rules when it comes to weight loss, and it’s absolutely true. I needed to think more about the rules I have developed, and know when to throw them out the window.


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