Weight Loss: Plans and Priorities

I just celebrated a birthday, and I’ve been thinking a lot about my dreams and goals for the future. One thing I’ve realized is that I haven’t really set many goals for myself in years.

I have been blessed to work in a field that enables me to write and edit (one is a desire I’ve had since I was a child, and the other is a skill I picked up in school–always thankful to be able to use my degree!), and I’ve been blessed to have met a wonderful husband, and to have an energetic and inquisitive son. But aside from losing weight, I haven’t really had anything to gear myself up for in a major way.

And lately I haven’t even been gearing myself up to lose weight. Yes, I have kept my 40 lbs. off, but I currently find myself in the middle of a plateau of my own design. In addition to exploring the link between my emotions and food, I think it’s high time I set a clear plan for myself.

To take off the 40 lbs., my plan was basically to stick to the Weight Watchers program, with nothing much built up around that. I was motivated for aesthetic reasons–I wanted to look better, to have more clothing options. But now that I’ve achieved those things, I haven’t been able to motivate myself to keep going. If I’m being honest, I haven’t really sought to motivate myself.

I’m learning so much about myself as I have been trying to lose weight, and the latest thing I’ve learned is that I could stand to have more structure in my life in general. More planning, more discipline, more accountability. Of course, weight loss and structure go hand in hand.

My goal at the moment? To lose 10 lbs. That will put me at the lowest weight I’ve seen on the scale since I started Weight Watchers around two-and-a-half years ago (and a pound shy of 50 lbs. lost). I’m not sure that I’ll put an official deadline on this goal, but if I stick to plan and lose a pound a week, it would be reasonable to expect to do this within three months.

So, I have a goal and a rough timeline. My plan is to:

  • Plan meals and snacks,
  • Stick to my daily eating plan–and the Weight Watchers plan in general,
  • Write everything down that I eat,
  • Exercise and
  • Watch out for temptation to eat based on emotions (which has been the most challenging part of this lately).

A reward for meeting goal is another thing I need to dream up. I have given myself small rewards for smaller goals (a new bottle of nail polish, a new MP3 album, etc.), but this one calls for something special, because it will mark my renewed commitment and also serve to celebrate me moving into the “overweight” category from “obese.” I think I’ll put some more thought into the reward–but it won’t be food, I promise!

It may seem like a no-brainer to consider a plan, but for someone who has deviated from my previous plan to instead go with the flow on weight loss–with my most recent actions dictated by how busy I am at work, or how up or down I am emotionally–this is a good, concrete step in the right direction.

I am excited to take this on! I hope my reflection encourages you to give yourself a push where needed on this journey, if things have been stagnant for you.


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