I Still Do Takeout: 5 Ideas

Pizza in a Box, Photographer 35059047, Pixmac

Think fast: What do you do on a week night when nobody wants to eat leftovers anymore, and you don’t have the energy to cook? Sounds like a job for takeout! In the nearly three years that I’ve been on Weight Watchers, I have not let dust collect on my takeout menu. I just have learned to make better choices.

When I was ensconced in my old eating habits, I think it’s safe to say I tried just about anything you could dream of on a pizza joint menu. These days, I either plan for a splurge, or on a normal night, I get something considerably lighter. Here are my top picks from your friendly neighborhood mom-and-pop pizza place:

  1. Pizza and salad. A couple slices of a cheese, veggie, or one-meat pizza (tomato sauce pizza, not white), plus a garden salad, no dressing. If I want to splurge more, I’ll get a Greek salad, no anchovies, no salad dressing. And I make sure to measure out just 1 oz. of feta cheese for my salad using my food scale. (If you ate all the cheese, you’d seriously have enough for like three or four salads.)
  2. Chicken souvlaki and salad. I’m fortunate that our closest takeout spot has Greek food on the menu. If you love gyros but don’t want to eat quite that heavy, consider the souvlaki, made with grilled chicken. Again, for the salad, I either do a garden salad without dressing, or a Greek salad with 1 oz. of feta cheese.
  3. Chicken fingers salad, no dressing, little or no cheese. The times lately when I’ve had the chicken fingers salad, I’ve been at work and have not been able to measure out the cheese, but by just looking at the salad, it’s pretty obvious that there’s more than an ounce of cheese being dished out. I eat maybe a fifth of the cheese on the salad, or I figure that my interest is in the chicken fingers, and toss the cheese altogether, telling myself that I can savor cheese some other time.
  4. Turkey or ham hoagie (or sub, if you’re not from my neck of the woods), no mayo. I can be satisfied with half of one of these, with or without a no-dressing garden salad. And if you only eat half, that means you have another meal for another day!
  5. Hamburger (beef or turkey) or grilled chicken sandwich, no cheese, no mayo. Again, with or without a no-dressing garden salad. I forego the extras because, like with the chicken finger salad, I’m most interested in tasting the main attraction in the order.

When I eat takeout food, I try to compensate with lighter eating for the rest of the day. Depending on how hungry I am, I may or may not eat the whole order. And I am not eating these foods with the same frequency as I used to; maybe about 3 times a month.

These are my go-to orders these days. What do you like to order from your takeout spot? Please chime in!


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