Beat the Heat With This Dessert…and Get a Couple Fruit Servings

If you asked me last year, the only thing I knew about frozen fruit was that I could use it to make a mean smoothie, or a delicious peach cobbler. (And that reminds me that I need to find that peach cobbler recipe!)

But fast forward to this year, and I’ve taken to eating the fruit out of the bag. It started with blueberries, cherries, and mango chunks, but quickly spread to other fruits. I’m happy to say that my son has joined me in this obsession–he is absolutely head-over-heels in love with blueberries, fresh and frozen!

My frozen fruit eating did not come without challenges, though; you either have to wait for it to thaw a little, or thaw a lot, to actually eat it. Thawing completely gives you a squishy, soggy mess that doesn’t come close to a fresh fruit. The cherries, for example, were a big disappointment when brought up to room temperature. But when minimal thawing has taken place? Perfection.

So half-frozen, half-thawed blueberries become little antioxidant filled bon-bons. (I bet cherries would, too; I haven’t eaten them since the thawing debacle. I think I’ll have to buy a bag again!) The other bonus, as with the mango chunks, is that you tend to get fruit at its most ripe, as opposed to the gamble you sometimes take when picking up a fresh fruit. I was thisclose to picking up a bag of frozen pineapple last week, imagining the sweet-tangy taste of a pineapple picked and prepared at its peak ripeness, but re-engineered as a frozen delight.

I have enjoyed all the frozen fruit that I’ve tried, but the one I’ve been truly addicted to, with a little help, is the frozen raspberry. I tend to not buy fresh raspberries, because the tiny package is so expensive for the quantity you get. But I don’t mind shelling out the money for a bigger bag of their frozen counterparts.

What exactly have I been doing with the raspberries? I’ve been turning them into a sort of low-fi sorbet, mixing a cup of raspberries with a tablespoon of honey. I drizzle the honey while the raspberries are still frozen, then do a slight mix, but I really end up mixing the two ingredients as the raspberries thaw more. It’s been a great summer treat, and one that still gives me fruit servings and fiber! (One caveat: be forewarned that some frozen raspberries have sugar added. If you would like to cut back on carbs, there are no-sugar added brands.)

In my mind, the raspberries pair the best with the honey. I have actually not tried mixing honey with other kinds of frozen fruit, but I think I will! If you do an experiment, let me know what you think of any frozen fruit concoctions you come up with.


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