Buffalo Chicken Salad

As I’ve mentioned  recently, I’ve been on a salad kick this summer. Here’s another idea that lightens up deli fare.

The takeout buffalo chicken salad is usually made with chicken fingers that I’d guess are dunked in the same hot sauce/butter combo used for buffalo wings. Then the fingers, egg and a heap of cheese come to rest on a bed of lettuce and raw veggies.

My recipe omits the cheese and goes simpler with the chicken. You’ll need:

  • 1 frozen chicken patty
  • 2T light blue cheese dressing
  • Hot sauce to taste (usually 6 or 7 shakes of the bottle for me)
  • Lettuce and raw veggies

Heat the patty in the microwave; cut into strips.

Plate your vegetables, topping them with the dressing and hot sauce. Mix, then add the chicken and mix some more.

You could add cheese if you wanted, but I leave it out to focus on the other flavors. I eat this with pretzels, or baked chips.


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