Non-Scale Victory: Winning Experiment With “Normal” Eating

An eating fail turned into an eating win for me the other day. I have to share!

I went into work recently toward the end of the week, with a game plan to eat a filling breakfast and lunch, and then coast through a sensible dinner with a dessert. But my well-laid plans were interrupted by one detail–I forgot we were to have a lunch seminar.

The lunch seminar is a highly anticipated event at my job, where you learn a little and eat some pretty good food, and you get to socialize. Everybody attends, and everybody eats. I’ve only seen two people abstain from the food on display, and I applaud them for being so focused, but I have vowed to begin to eat like a “normal” person–taking a sensible portion and being satisfied with that one helping.

I nailed it! We had Italian–baked ziti with sausage and peppers and four-cheese lasagna (or, at least, I think it had lasagna noodles in it; from my vantage point, it looked like a pan of molten cheese). There was also salad with a couple of types of dressing, bread, and a mini dessert tray. I bypassed the lasagna and dished a small serving of the baked ziti onto my plate. It was somewhere in the neighborhood of a cup and filled up about a third of my plate. Next, I served myself a large salad, and sprinkled it with three plastic soup spoons of dressing. And then I walked away without dessert and enjoyed the meal in front of me, without going back for more, or having a crazy spike in eating later that day. It was a good moment for me.

And it makes me wonder if I’m becoming “normal.” If I am finally beginning to grasp how to eat enough. To not overload my plate, yet still clean it, or to take one little serving, then another, and another, and another. Or, to eat lightly, but then go overboard in eating afterward to quickly squash an unrelenting uprising of hungriness. This is a surprising, new achievement for me.

Yes, I could have just not eaten anything and nuked the meal I had brought with me that day, but I wanted to do this experiment, and I also wanted to be a part of the social experience of eating the meal at hand. This is important to me as I try to open myself up to people more. I learned a lot from that 60-minute block of time that will influence how I think about my life and my eating in the future.

I hope to have more of these success stories! But I want to take a moment to ask you to brag about yourself. What recent weight loss accomplishments are you most proud of? Do tell!


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