Labor Day Recap: More Activity on My Plate

On the Saturday of Labor Day weekend, I went to the beach with my family. Our well-coordinated efforts the night before resulted in a spot on an empty beach at 9 a.m. It was absolute bliss!

I’m lucky to be in a family with fellow beach bums. My son loves to play in the water and the sand. My husband enjoys being a part of my son’s adventures, and will also break out a football for even more fun. My highlight? Typically it’s been reading and napping.

It’s not out of the ordinary for me to be a solitary, sedentary kind of person. As a child, I was much more likely to be indoors reading, listening to music, and watching TV than ripping and running with other kids. Fast forward a couple of decades, and I find myself with a lot of inertia to overcome when it comes to being more active.

Most of the weight I’ve lost has been without exercise, but I am making a commitment to more activity. The dancing I’ve mentioned is one way; I also want to rearrange my schedule so I can get in time to walk in the mornings and evenings. And putting in time on the elliptical machine that’s collecting dust in the basement might not be such a bad idea, either. (Little things I already have going for me: At work, I park on the top of a parking garage to force myself to walk and go up and down stairs, and when time allows, I go one floor above or below to the bathroom, for the same reason.)

I intend to take baby steps to ramp up the amount of exercise I’m getting. This trip to the beach had me logging in a little less blanket time–I did some water jogging with my son, and we also walked the sand, collecting pebbles to assemble a beach-themed glass display at home. Another highlight was when we built sand castles, and my son and I had a castle-to-castle sand war against my husband, knocking his creation down with an onslaught of pebbles.

It was a good trip, with a little more activity for me than usual. I enjoyed the activity with my family, and it was nice to get a different perspective on the beach. (For example, it’s amazing to see how many different colors and textures of pebbles there are.) I will shoot for more movement on my next trip!

I’ll turn the post over to you now. What did you do on your holiday dime? Did you find ways to mix relaxation and activity?


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