My Experiment With Goal Setting: A Success!

Me wearing my rewards and enjoying a good night out!

I mentioned a couple of months back that I was embarking on a push to lose weight for my upcoming anniversary, and that I had an outfit in mind for the night, buying pieces of the outfit as rewards as I went along. Well, the night has come and gone last week, and I must say that my first foray into goal setting was a success!

I am down from where I started, by about 6 lbs. on concert day. (UPDATE: On my official Weight Watchers weigh-in this morning, I am nearly 4 lbs. down from where I started.) It wasn’t a straight shot down; there were ups and downs, but I feel like I’ve set a new baseline weight for myself, which is all I can ask for, as I continue to lose!

I like to believe I can learn a lesson from everything that happens to me in life. So, here are some lessons I’ve learned during this short campaign:

Goals aren’t so bad after all. I’m not one to rush to setting goals for weight loss, because I feel weight loss is much more than the number on the scale; it’s the sum of a set of better behaviors. But I can say the goal was motivating, and not in a stressful way. And it worked!

Having a goal helped me to focus. This was particularly important since I was coming off of a freewheeling period where I desired to lose weight, but wasn’t really working as hard as I could at it. Ultimately, I was just maintaining what I’d already lost. But knowing I had a reason to lose weight by a particular time gave my efforts more significance than they’ve had in the past.

Having a goal gave me the muscle behind the “no” when I needed it. Over the past few years, there have been many times when I’ve been confronted with some heavy food (or been tempted to seek one out), and I’ve had an internal dialogue about why I shouldn’t be eating it. Probably about seven times out of 10, I ended up caving. But with a goal in place, I always had a built-in reason to tell myself why to pass up the treat or the extra serving of food, which was extremely helpful.

Knowing how much I tend to avoid goal-setting, I can say without blinking that if it worked for me, it can work for you. If you are a veteran of goals, let me know: What reasons do you have for sticking to the weight loss goals you set?


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