Sweet and Savory Breakfast Sandwich

I make breakfast every day, but by “make,” I mean I typically assemble some sort of breakfast sandwich. (Unless we’re talking the weekend, then it’s omelets all the way!)

This is one I made recently. My mom is a big fan of the McGriddle sandwich at McDonald’s. I’ve never had it, but the idea of sweet and savory sounds interesting. The other thought that led me to slap this sandwich together was of a good meal I had in vacation Bible school as a child–a raisin English muffin served with cheese melted on top. Here’s my quick sandwich recipe:

  • 1 slice raisin bread
  • 2 frozen turkey sausage patties, or 3 links (the kind you can heat in the microwave)
  • 1 slice fat-free cheese

Toast the bread and, at the same time, heat the sausage in the microwave. When both are ready, cut the bread in half, and top each half of the bread with half a slice of the cheese. Top with the sausage. Voila! I eat this sandwich with a piece of fruit and coffee with creamer.


4 thoughts on “Sweet and Savory Breakfast Sandwich

  1. This is my kind of sandwich. I always have trouble finding a good quality turkey sausage patty. It seems like only select breakfast joints are privy to them. Any suggestions?

    • Hey, early bird! I go with the Frozen Brown & Serve sausages because I can get them cooked quickly in the microwave, but the frozen Jenny-O sausages that you cook on the stove are not bad.

      Here are some other suggestions:

      Jimmy Dean turkey sausages. I’ve never had them, but they have a good track record with the pork sausage, IMO, so I bet they’d be OK!

      Bulk turkey sausage, the kind that doesn’t come in casings or formed into shapes. I’ve bought it from the supermarket before. I think it was Purdue brand, but I haven’t seen it lately. They also sell bulk turkey sausage at Godschall’s, in Reading Terminal. (If you can find a butcher shop around your way with a good turkey selection, they’d probably have bulk sausage there.)

      Make your own, with ground turkey. Mix the spices into the turkey, let it sit for a few hours or overnight, shape it into patties, and cook it on the stove. I only tried to do this once, but if I can figure out the right spice combination, it’s on!

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