Grilled Jerk Pork Loin With Jerk Sauce

Grilled jerk pork loin, served with steamed broccoli and canned sweet potatoes

I rejoice when there’s a pork loin sale at the market, because I know it means I’ll have meat for four or five meals. I take the pork loin and cut it into 1-lb. chunks and toss them in the freezer.

One thing that I like to do with pork loin is make jerk pork. I use either a dry rub or a wet rub, both from Jamaican Choice. With the wet rub, I poke holes in the meat and slather on 2 or 3 tablespoons of the spices, refrigerate the meat for several hours or overnight, and then grill it. With the dry rub, I had been just dusting it on liberally and refrigerating it. But a trimmed pork loin, as I’ve found out, is a blessing and a curse because it is a lean cut of meat, but it tends to dry out easily on the grill. For the dry rub, I think I’ll need to add a little vinegar and oil to the spice rub in the future.

The sauce in the recipe below is something simple I decided to try to fix my dry pork loin problem. And there are just two ingredients!

  • Lawry’s jerk marinade, 1-2 T per serving of pork loin
  • Apricot preserves, 1 T per serving of pork loin (I used regular preserves, but you could go with sugar-free)

Mix together and heat in the microwave, or on low heat on the stove. Pour over the sliced meat. Done.

Seasoning the meat before grilling, especially with the wet rub, imparts a noticeable jerk flavor, but topping with the sauce takes the meat to the next level. (If you are on the fence about spices, be warned that this does make a meal with a fair amount of punch.) As I’ve said, I’ve used it on pork, but I would also use it on grilled chicken or shrimp. Or vegetables. Some of the sauce got on my broccoli, and the sweet and spicy combination reminded me vaguely of the broccoli accompaniment to General Tso’s chicken. Enjoy!


4 thoughts on “Grilled Jerk Pork Loin With Jerk Sauce

  1. Ummmmm look like you stuck your foot in this meal. I’m secretly salivating at my phone. Kudos to u for cooking the swine, an unpopular meat. I actually made a roasted pork shoulder a few days ago and it came good.

      • 1 pork shoulder.
        Pepper, onion powder, jerk seasoning, cayenne pepper, garlic powder, and sazon (if you have it) or salt. (I don’t use salt).
        1 garlic clove.
        1 bottle of jerk marinade (any brand will do. I use the cheapest one in the marinde section)

        Season the shoulder all over to your liking. Go easy on the cayenne pepper if you don’t like it spicey.
        Slice up your garlic into slithers to your liking so that you stuff them into the pork.
        Take a pairing knife and stab a hole in the meat and stick a slice of garlic in it. Continue this step to your liking, and stuff garlic all over the pork. (Im a garlicholic, so every piece of pork had some garlic in it.)
        Place your pork in a plastic ziplock bag and add marinade. Marinated from 1 hour to 24 hours. Bake covered or in roasting bag slow at 250 degrees for 3 hours. Base it if desired, cook longer if needed. Enjoy.

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