My Fast Food Favorites

It’s true that takeout is not off the menu for me; similarly, I still eat from restaurants with trays from time to time. Here are things that I eat that are reasonable meals or are moderate splurges.

Baja Fresh

Combo meal: chicken tortilla soup and side salad with salsa verde dressing. A variety of savory and spicy flavors in this meal keep me coming  back. You could also add to this meal the complimentary chips they give you, but the salad has a fair amount of crunchy tortilla strips on them. That may just be enough of a fix for you, rather than making the full-fledged spurge.

Two chicken Baja tacos and a side salad with salsa verde dressing. The Baja tacos, unlike the Americano tacos, do not have cheese on them. But be forewarned that they are teeming with onions.


Craft 2 menu. I’ve only gotten the chicken Mexican Gumbo and the nachos with queso sauce and veggies, but Qdoba also offers “naked” salads and burritos–made without a crunchy tortilla bowl or a burrito-sized tortilla–and a tortilla soup as options to choose from for this combo meal. Everything can be customized as far as inclusion (or exclusion) of meat, cheese and other kinds of toppings.


If I want to eat the lightest, I get the grilled chicken sandwich and the side salad. If I want to eat heavier, I eat the regular chicken sandwich and a side salad.

Jason’s Deli

Unfortunately Jason’s has abandoned my tri-state area, but they had two sandwiches that I absolutely loved:

Mediterranean Wrap: It’s a turkey sandwich with hummus as the spread, and it contains greens, tomato, cucumber, red onions and kalamata olives. I ate it with the steamed vegetables.

Turkey Reuben: I’d get a half sandwich and eat this with the steamed vegetables as well.


Chili and a garden salad (no crackers) or a Cheeseburger Deluxe and a garden salad. I usually leave off the croutons and salad dressing from the salad.

When I get fast food, I generally stick to these places. Am I missing any good meals from restaurants that I haven’t mentioned? Let me know!


4 thoughts on “My Fast Food Favorites

  1. This is a good list…not familiar with Baja Fresh and Qdoba, but they seem to serve some of the my faves from a coupla local quick food joints in my town. Just goes to show that its possible to keep it light and fast–just takes a little effort

    • Thanks, Shawn! I agree. The things may not look like what you’re used to ordering, but you don’t have to abandon those places altogether. Just lighter choices less frequently.

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