Weight Loss Journey, Year Three: For Better or Worse

Today marks the third anniversary of the start of my weight loss journey with Weight Watchers. This past year has probably been the toughest year for me. You can say that the honeymoon is over for sure!

With marriage, once the thank-you cards have gone out and the couple has started paying down on its luxe vacation comes the less glamorous days. Work trumps whimsy. Communication, sacrifice, and a firm grounding in reality are needed to keep the harmony in the long run.

I’ve been charged to do the same thing with my weight loss, to keep track of what I’m eating, choose my nutritional needs over my wants enough times that I’ve effectively reduced my eating enough to lose weight, and to always be honest with myself about what I’m doing, if I want to keep the good momentum going.

The past year has been filled with seven-year itch moments, though. I’ve been tempted to eat when and what I shouldn’t, tempted to not track my eating, tempted to take a break when the going gets rough more than I had been in the past. And I’ve given in many more times than I did in previous years.

I keep coming back to my diet and my desire to lose weight, but that’s not the point. I am very easily swayed from my good intentions. Getting to examine my feelings, journal them and talk them through with others has been a big help in understanding what’s going on. I will continue to do that, and I won’t beat myself up because, despite the difficulty and distractions I faced, I have managed to lose five more pounds.

That may be the real lesson I learned this year–to avoid beating myself up. I started taking steps this year toward winning my personal battle against perfectionism, and for me to admit that I’ve had challenges that I haven’t always risen to is a big deal for me. I think that encouraging myself and being supportive of myself when things don’t go the way I’ve planned the first time will help me to eventually make these changes permanent with the least amount of drama, in the same way that encouragement and support nurture any good marriage.

I intend to be in the weight loss game for better or worse, with a vision for meeting my final weight loss goal. Perhaps I just need to renew my vows to take things to the next level. I’ll even lay off of the wedding cake… for now.


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