Vegetarian Options

I’ve had a few conversations lately with one of my good friends about meat. Grilling as frequently as I do sustains a love I have for all things carnivorous. But as I talked about with my friend, not everyone is into regularly eating pork or beef, even the lean cuts. As he put it, in some circles, red meat consumption is best discussed in hushed tones, secret society style.

As much as I love eating the things I make on the grill, I could use some variety. Sometimes I also need a break from the poultry and seafood dishes I make. Truth be told, I have been thinking about incorporating more vegetarian meals into my life. I think my body might thank me for giving it a change of pace.

I went through a phase after college where I regularly ate vegetarian meals. I never quite strung together enough of those meals to call myself a vegetarian, but I thoroughly enjoyed the different meatless options I bought or cooked.

What kinds of things would I eat? I’d do a combination of meals with simple ingredients, and those incorporating meat substitutes. Here are some ideas:

  • Rice and beans. This dish, made in many different ways, is incredibly filing. I like red beans and rice, black beans served with rice, and the jollof and black-eyed peas combo I recently read about and experimented with. Go for brown rice to get the most benefit.
  • Omelets. Made with a mixture of your favorite veggies tossed in (with or without cheese), and eaten with more vegetables on the side and a slice of bread, omelets make a quick breakfast, lunch or dinner.
  • Sandwiches and wraps. Try a bean burrito, an egg sandwich, or a wrap made of hummus, veggies, black olives, and a little feta cheese. Also consider the many meat substitute options, like Boca Burgers, Quorn Chik’n Patties, and MorningStar Farms’ Hickory Riblets, served on a light hamburger bun, with vegetables on the side.
  • Soups and stews. Eat vegetarian chili with baked nachos on the side, minestrone and a slice of whole wheat bread with butter or olive oil, or a cup of tomato soup and a slice of bead with low-fat cheese melted on top. Eat with a salad on the side, if desired.

Have you thought about mixing up your meat eating with vegetarian meals? Are you a vegetarian with more ideas to share? Please check in!


5 thoughts on “Vegetarian Options

  1. Oh Deff Deff Deff go for it! Your body will be very thankful indeed! Rice and Beans is my favorite vegetarian option! I’m a vegetarian, have never missed meat, and can tell you right off you won’t regret the choice of cutting back on the meat. Have you ever been to foodgawker? They have many Vegetarian recipes too that are simply amaaazing, then there’s the vegan stoner too, I’m not a vegan, but these recipes are tempting
    Good luck!!

  2. Not a vegetarian, but have lots of family and friends who are. I keep intending to include more meatless meals, and I love all of the options you’ve listed above. Your list is full of delicious dishes that are definitely not deprivation to me.
    I made black eyed peas tonight from frozen peas, and was happy with the way they turned out. Most b.e. peas I’d had that other people had cooked were not that appealing– overcooked, maybe?
    Love omelets, too, and need to remember to have them as a dinner option more often, since I don’t usually have time for eggs in the morning.

    • I will have to check out frozen black eyed peas. I’ve either used the canned ones or the stored ones, but frozen sounds like a gourd compromise between convenience and preserving three nutrients ad much as possible.

      I love omelets! Sometimes rather than chop the veggies myself, I buy the omelet veggie mix from Whole Foods, and that makes things go even faster.

  3. Actually, though we love red meat in our family, we have been cutting back on the amount we consume. We now eat red meat maybe once a week, and have added more fish and poultry to our diet. We also have nights during the week where we eat strictly vegetables and/or soups. I think it is the healthier way to live!

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