Laughter: My Anti-Food

I had a lengthy, laugh-out-loud moment last night with my husband. It came toward the end of a night that started out with many things on TV sending me into fits of giggles, from the TMZ show to Community and Parks and Recreation. And also our reactions–sometimes it’s like Mystery Science Theater 3000 when my husband and I watch something together. Sometimes our running commentary and tangent of jokes is more entertaining than what we’re actually watching.

Long story short, over the course of two hours, especially with the coda of jokes we shared before doing the final check of the house at lights-out time, I think my laughter would’ve generated enough energy to power the monster world in the Monsters, Inc. movie for half a year.

It felt good to laugh like that. Really good. With me doing a lot of heavy lifting this year to try and give many pieces of my “baggage” the old heave-ho, and with a lot of thoughts on my father’s declining health around this time 10 years ago, and his eventual passing a few days before the New Year, I could definitely use more moments of laughter.

After reflecting on this string of feel-good moments yesterday, I realize that the moments of laughter are out there; I just have to seek them out and embrace them. It will be a lot more nourishing to my spirit than OD’ing on any of my typical go-to comfort foods.

Sometimes it will simply mean me switching off the part of my brain that stays stuck on serious, backing away from the computer and the phone more often, and really being present during my times with my friends and family. Sometimes it will mean me choosing the mental high road and thinking the best about people and events, rather than mentally “looking over my shoulder and peeping around corners,” to steal a line from the Geto Boys’ classic paranoia-filled track “My Mind’s Playing Tricks on Me.” However I get to laughter, I know that it will serve me well in finding more enjoyment in life–and in using food less as a means to give myself a poor imitation of that feeling.


4 thoughts on “Laughter: My Anti-Food

    • I agree. And I know when I have a really good laugh that my stomach muscles feel messed up! Wouldn’t it be nice if you could laugh instead of doing crunches? : P

    • It is definitely a great feeling! One of my favorite singers, a guy named Peter Hadar, has a song called “Laugh Together,” and the gist of it is the relationship he had failed because he couldn’t really laugh and be goofy with the woman he was with. I think laughter and having a sense of humor is extremely important–it makes the good times even better, and it makes the bad times more bearable.

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