Salad on the Run

I’ve been writing a lot about salads lately. When I first started on my salad kick, it was over vacation, and I was at home. That makes it really easy to assemble and consume a salad, anytime.

But it’s not hard to enjoy a salad on the go, if you pack and plan wisely. Here are some things I do to avoid a mushy mess for lunch:

  • Prep and pack your veggies separately.  Buy prewashed lettuce, or wash and spin-dry your own. Then toss in any other vegetables you plan to use. I typically pack them in a ziploc bag. I like to take enough veggies for more than one salad, to save myself on what I’m carrying around every day. (If you have leftover meat but no salad greens, you could also get a garden salad from the convenience store and add your own toppings.)
  • Pack your cheese separately, or with salad dressing. I like to measure my salad dressing out when I use it. Mixing it with the cheese makes it easy to get every last drop out of the container. (Rather than serve dressings in portions, you could always, of course, just take the whole bottle to work and measure out the dressing as you need it.)
  • Pack your protein separately, if needed. If I’m eating tuna salad or chicken salad, I put it in its own container to avoid it taking on other flavors. Otherwise, you could mix your protein with the dressing and let it marinate a bit.
  • Pack your other toppers separately. Things like croutons, tortillas, nuts… Anything that could potentially soften or get soggy.

That’s my strategy for ensuring my salads are still edible for lunch time. What are your favorite veggie transportation tips?


2 thoughts on “Salad on the Run

  1. Being home does work best for having a salad ~ easy to prepare and ingredients handy. We are on the move and on the run with moving our life’s belongings to another house. Now I am so craving the peace and quiet, and the simplicity of a cool and satisfying salad. Any kind, for that matter. Sigh!

    Hugs my friend,

    • Oh, Virginia! I know the moving’s been rough, from your posts on BlogHer. I hope there won’t be too much left to do after this weekend! And maybe you can enjoy a salad with done citrus after that, if the fruit trees at the new place are in season. : )

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