My Son, My Trainer?

Could this wall-walking dynamo be the personal trainer I’ve been looking for?

A couple of weeks ago, my son told me that he wanted to play Simon Says. I got off the couch and joined him, awaiting his first command.

True story: It was “Simon says do push-ups!” I was a bit bewildered that it wasn’t something like “touch your nose,” but I dropped down to do some push-ups. (This *may* have involved a very flexible definition of what a push-up is, and I’m very thankful for that.)

Next on Simon’s to do list? Jumping jacks. Again, I was surprised, but I was intrigued to be getting in a bit of a workout at the same time. I asked my husband if he had anything to do with the nature of the requests, and he was innocent. My son had taken on an impromptu fitness trainer role all on his own.

That was as far as we got with the game, as my son lost interest, but we had fun and got in some physical activity at the same time. So I’m wondering if maybe he should be my full-time “trainer.”

I think this is sort of what one of my good friends had in mind when he encouraged me to up my playtime with my son. When I typically interact with my son, I, a poster child for couch potato-dom, usually do low-energy things, like conversations, cooking, watching TV, or putting together Legos. But as my son dearly enjoys physical activity, I think it’s a perfect match for both of us to interact and have fun.

I’ve written before about wanting to be a good food role model for my son; I should definitely strive to be a better physical activity role model. Though I think it’s more like he is my physical activity role model, and I have a lot to learn from him if I give him a chance.

He has done one of my workout videos with me before, and he has inspired my husband to log some time on our elliptical machine. (My son has actually been the most consistent user of the elliptical machine in our house.) And the three of us have taken turns at using the knockoff Wii fitness mat that we have. Family togetherness, and two generations learning the importance and pleasure of physical activity? To my son, I say “You’re hired!”


6 thoughts on “My Son, My Trainer?

  1. Sounds like a plan to me. The best part of having your son as a personal trainer is that you can pay him in ‘mom bucks’….lol. Hope you Have lots of fun playing with the baby while getting your workout in.

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