Dodging Weekend Woes

Though I’ve been fortunate to have had success at losing weight, besides my tendencies toward emotional eating, there is another issue that always threatens my best-laid plans: the weekend.

Part of that has been for emotional eating reasons, I’m sure, as I’m often eagerly embracing the weekend and all that it offers as an escape from a hectic week. It’s not uncommon for me to follow my eating plan more or less to a T, only for my eating to go rogue during the weekend.

But boredom and poor planning play a role as well. Put together a desire to do a 180 from stress, a house full of food and takeout menus, sleeping in, and other changes in time management, and I’ve got a recipe for eating gone wild. I can’t pretend to be an expert in this area, but here are some of the things I do to try and keep myself on track.

Remember my goals. I think this is the area I should most try to focus on this year. If I can make myself consider the long-term plan, rather than the fleeting moments of the snack or meal at hand, I may be more likely to eat conservatively.

Stock up on healthy food. This makes it easy to cook healthy food, but it also serves as damage control if there’s any chance that mindless eating or binging could happen. I try to be vigilant about what I bring into the house. If it’s chips, they are baked. If it’s pepperoni, it’s turkey. Rather than candy bars, chocolate-covered granola bars. I’m not big on fat-free foods (unless we’re talking about milk or yogurt), so I try to find foods that are filing but tasty, things that have a decent nutrition profile but are acceptable cousins of more decadent food. I’d encourage you to seek out these kinds of items for yourself.

Plan ahead. That may mean making sure you have more than a tablespoon of Egg Beaters in the house so you can make an omelet in the morning. Or, it may mean eating light during the day (or earlier in the week) to accommodate an upcoming party or feast. Or, making sure you don’t run off for a day at the mall without a bottle of water and a snack or an idea of where you should be headed in the food court when lunch time comes. It could also mean planning more activities during the weekend, or stocking up on books so your idle hands don’t find their easy to food instead. I find that when I’m too adrift mentally on the weekend I’m more likely to use food to ground myself.

Are you a weekend weight loss warrior, or do you struggle to stay on track? How do you keep from sabotaging yourself?


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