Six-Word Weight Loss Stories

As an avid user of Twitter, I’ve come across six-word stories before. The grandchildren of an Ernest Hemingway urban legend that has eluded verification, six-word stories and the clear meaning packed into the meager word count are perfect for the Twitterverse.

I decided to try my hand at six-word stories related to weight loss, as an elevator pitch of inspiration and encouragement for my fellow “losers.”

Here’s an anthology of these stories for you. I think I will add to this list from time to time. Please check back, and feel free to share yours, too!

For undercover nutrition, just add spinach.

Always plan to have a snack.

No-fat yogurt; low-fat cheese.

Omelets for a quick, easy breakfast.

Depriving yourself is a dangerous thing.

Want French fries? Bake them. Seriously.

An indoor grill: a valuable investment.

Always avoid in-a-rut eating.

Don’t forget to drink your water.

If you like it, eat more seafood.

You control your eating, not others.

Reward weight loss occasionally, but meaningfully.

Food is not a good reward.

Filling snacks have protein and fiber.

Use measuring tools for honest eating.

When you want chocolate, eat chocolate.

Portion control and moderation are key.

Salad dressing is not a necessity.

Have a dining out game plan.

Slow and steady loses the weight.


5 thoughts on “Six-Word Weight Loss Stories

  1. Fantabulous!!!
    I love the six-word concept, and it was truly inspired of you to bring it to weight loss. Bravo! It’s hard to pick a favorite, but mine is Food is not a good reward. This list is highly refrigerator-worthy.

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