Slow-Cooker Turkey Thigh Recipes

A week or two ago, I was incredibly excited to find turkey thighs in my local supermarket. Before that day, I only encountered them in another, out-of-the way market.

Turkey thighs are usually the last on the team to get picked when it comes to serving a whole bird, but I love their convenience and flavor when it comes to cooking. And the quantity of meat: a 2-pack of thighs costs around $5.50, and after discarding the skin, bones and cartilage and shredding the meat, you get quite a few servings.

I especially like slow cooking with turkey thighs. Here are some of my favorite things to do with them:

Cook in a tomato sauce. This is what I did over the weekend: the thighs in a slow cooker, plus a big can of crushed tomatoes and Cajun spice. Normally I also add peppers and onions, too, but I didn’t have any. In the future, I’d consider going with a smaller can of tomatoes and chicken stock to thin out the sauce.

Make barbecue pulled turkey. Cover the thighs with barbecue sauce and slow cook. You could also add onion, a little vinegar and/or liquid smoke. Or, you could marinate the thighs in barbecue rub, vinegar and liquid smoke before cooking. Eat on buns.

Make them Mexican. Slow cook the thighs in a couple of jars of salsa verde, along with onion and garlic if you’d like. Shred the meat and serve in soft taco tortillas or in burritos. Or use them to top nachos or a taco salad.

Have you ever cooked with turkey thighs? What do you do with them?


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