Five Foods I’m Taking out of Retirement

Every now and then, I like to shake things up with my eating to keep myself interested and in check. One thing I realized is that there are some foods I used to lean on heavily during the early stages of my weight loss journey that I haven’t touched in quite some time. I think I’ll add them back into rotation for variety’s sake.

Five of the foods I have in mind are:

  1. Light English muffins. I used to make breakfast sandwiches with light multigrain English muffins, or eat them with soup or a salad, drizzled with olive oil and spices. But they’ve gone out of favor in my house for fat-free tortillas, whole wheat bread, and light hamburger buns. I think it’s time to re-introduce this hearty carb.
  2. Spinach. I used to tuck spinach in everywhere I could–sandwiches, soups, even burritos, or sauteed with olive oil and garlic. But before my salad experiment this year, I hadn’t touched spinach in a while (unless you count the frozen stuff that looks like it came from inside a lawn mower). Adding fresh baby spinach is quick, easy, low-calorie way to get in a lot of important nutrients. It’s high time I stop giving spinach the cold shoulder.
  3. Turkey pepperoni. Turkey pepperoni was a go-to protein snack for me at one time. I also used it on pita pizzas and in lasagna. I have a some sitting in my fridge now, and will be bagging it up for my pre-dinner snack, with fruit or veggies.
  4. Soup. In the past, I’d take light vegetable soup and add a protein (usually chicken, turkey pepperoni, turkey ham or turkey sausage), and maybe some spinach. A soup that’s made hearty on your own terms can be filling, healthy and tasty. It would make sense for me to ramp up my soup consumption again, especially now during the winter.
  5. Unsweetened applesauce. The little 1/2-cup plastic containers of no-sugar-added applesauce made a convenient snack or breakfast component. I later moved on to eating more actual fruit, but I’ve recently used unsweetened applesauce mixed in with yogurt for breakfast. I also have a jar that I’ll dole out in cup or 1/2-cup servings (dusted with cinnamon) as dessert or a snack when paired with a protein.

It can be tempting to get into a zone with foods that seem to click with your body, but it’s possible you’ll get tired of those foods after a while. I believe that no foods should be off-limits, and that certainly goes double for putting old, healthy favorites back into rotation.

Are there any foods you’re realizing that have worked for you but haven’t passed through your lips in a good while? Which ones would you bring back in a hearbeat?


4 thoughts on “Five Foods I’m Taking out of Retirement

  1. All of the ones on your list, except I haven’t tried the turkey pepperoni. I’ll give it a shot.
    It’s funny how I do the same thing– I eat certain foods for a while then move on and forget them. You’re really good at keeping me more mindful about food!

    • I think one day I’ll go to the market and walk down all the aisles and look at everything. I bet there’s more stuff that I’ve completely forgotten about!

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