Kitchen Gadget Wizadry

Whether you find yourself cooking things you’ve never cooked before, or you’re getting more familiar with your kitchen now in the pursuit of weight loss or maintenance, you’ll be using a bunch of kitchen gadgets to accomplish your goals.

Gadgets seem to have a way of begetting other gadgets, If you’re not careful. I try my best to make do with what I have, so I’m not buying things that will ultimately collect dust. Here are a few ideas I have for getting double duty out of kitchen items, to save on space and money.

  • Meat tenderizer as potato masher. This one happened for me out of necessity, as I had a meat mallet on hand for flattening chicken breasts, but I had a hard time finding a potato masher. I place white or sweet potatoes in a bowl, skin on or peeled, and a few minutes later, I have a side dish ready to go.
  • Apple slicer as potato slicer. I saw this one on Pinterest. I had the slicer as an easy way to make a snack out of an apple. (My son prefers the apples seeded and sliced, and I don’t turn them down when they’re prepared that way, either.) Using the slicer on potatoes is a great idea for making oven french fries.
  • Roaster lid as grill topper. This is something that I get on my soapbox about: having an electric indoor grill–an open design, rather than a hinged Foreman grill style. If you buy an open grill, the roaster lid makes the perfect grill lid.
  • Rice cooker for seasoned sides. I can’t point to a date on the calendar, but one day I decided to use my rice cooker for more than just plain old white rice or brown rice. I moved on to seasoned rice mixes, rice and beans mixes, you name it. I’ve also made rice with chopped vegetables in the rice cooker as well (onion, peppers, tomatoes, and garlic). Any device that allows me to set it and forget it is a friend of mine!
  • Zester for squash scraper. I used the zester maybe once or twice. But a lightbulb moment kept it from being an extraneous item: I use it to scrape seeds out of fresh squash. Yes, you could use a simple spoon, but the handle on the zester made it a little more comfortable for me to use on something as big as a spaghetti squash or butternut squash.

Do you have any kitchen gadgets that do double duty in your house? Which ones? How?


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