Grilled Kielbasa and Sweet Potato Pierogies

I never would’ve thought about grilling pierogies until I saw a post about it on Pinterest. I figured I’d give it a try, since I’m heating up a grill (indoors or outdoors again soon!) at least once a week.

When I went to the store last weekend, I picked up some turkey kielbasa, and then I headed for the frozen food aisle for the pierogies. When I got there, I was surprised to find out that sweet potato pierogies exist.

I thought the combination of the sweet side and the savory sausage would taste good. And I was right! Here’s how I put everything together:

1 package turkey kielbasa

1 box sweet potato pierogies, frozen

Grill the kielbasa until it’s heated through and shows grill marks. Next, grill the pierogies, until heated through and showing grill marks. A serving size is 3 oz. of sausage and 4 pierogies.


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