Dance Like No One’s Exercising

The last frontier of health for me is exercise. I’ve surprised myself recently by enjoying soccer time with my husband, with us passing a ball back and forth, sprinting as needed for the wild kicks. My son has also continued to be a good exercise task master, with us playing in the park or on the video game activity mat. My task now is to get moving more consistently.

This leads me to putting together a music playlist for which resistance to dancing is futile. I sat down to put together such a playlist last year, but the project got moved to the back burner. But after having read about the playlist First Lady Michelle Obama shared with Women’s Health, and then contemplating the joys of disco (don’t laugh) following the recent sad passing of Donna Summer, I decided to resume my set list planning.

Here are 20 songs for starters, but I think I’ll come up with more, so I can have a shuffle play that keeps me guessing. I’ll be sure to play these in the kitchen, too, to get in a little more movement when possible! (Be forewarned, I’ll be skewing a little less than new with this list, because that’s how I roll.)

  1. Soul Makossa, Manu Dibango
  2. Don’t Stop the Music, Rihanna
  3. Apache, The Sugarhill Gang
  4. There She Goes, Babyface
  5. Let’s Start the Dance, Bohannon
  6. The Choice Is Yours, Black Sheep
  7. I Feel for You, Chaka Khan
  8. Crazy in Love, Beyonce
  9. Ghetto Story remix, Cham and Alicia Keys
  10. Tropical Soundclash, DJ Gregory
  11. Na Batida Do Agogo, Osunlade remix, Grupo Batuque
  12. Township Funk, DJ Mujava
  13. Shake Your Body (Down to the Ground), The Jacksons
  14. Superstar Pt. 0, K-Os
  15. You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real), Sylvester
  16. Trouble No Trouble, Roni Size
  17. Galang, M.I.A.
  18. Lucky Star, Madonna
  19. American Boy, Estelle & Kanye West
  20. Last Dance, Donna Summer

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