Nourishment With the Other Kind of Food

My son recently graduated from preschool (full ceremony, diploma and all, no lie!), and when the teachers were giving out personality awards, he was dubbed most creative. Although part of me raised an eyebrow at this set of feel-good awards, he really is creative, and I am really in awe of the creative things that he does–picking up lyrics to songs he hears, singing his own “compositions,” having jam sessions on empty oatmeal cans, boxes, aluminum baseball bats–whatever’s handy. And he also likes to draw and make figures out of clay. I don’t know who he will become in life, but I hope he never loses sight of this side of him.

I have been reconnecting with the value of creativity in my life, and this blog has been a big part of that for me. Aside from wanting to share my story and inspire people to consider that you can have delicious food while eating healthy (for losing weight or maintaining weight loss), I also found it necessary to write to give myself a creative outlet.Cooking has been another creative outlet for me–scoping out ingredients at the market, playing out possible combinations and ideas in my head, and then, hot or cold, bringing them to life on a plate.

I think that part of getting settled into a healthy life is making sure that you have other sources of nourishment, not just food.

When my life whizzes by too fast for me to ensure my inner life is being fed, I’m usually also feeling stressed and prone to seeking that sense of satisfaction and nourishment through food. Knowing my penchant for eating for reasons other than hunger, I’m convinced that there are others who are languishing in eating patterns they can’t get out of because they are not feeding their creative spirit.

How often do you take time to sit and daydream? To organize thoughts for writing stories, poems, songs? How often do you let your body get lost in the groove of a song, or your hand, equipped with a paintbrush, get lost on a canvas? How often does an idea shake you out of bed in the wee hours of the morning, only setting you free when you’ve gotten it captured sufficiently in your medium of choice? How often do you crawl in to bed, exhausted after working on something you can’t let go? Some of us need to expend our energy in a similarly productive way. I think even people who don’t feel particularly creative would be surprised by how satisfying, how nourishing it feels to pull some sort of idea out of the ether, dress it in feathers of color, sound, words, movement or images, and let it take flight to inspire and comfort others.

Have you taken on other activities or challenges during the course of your weight loss journey? What are you doing? What has inspired you? How does it make you feel?


4 thoughts on “Nourishment With the Other Kind of Food

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