Wasabi-Soy Chicken Kebabs

This recipe was inspired by another supermarket walkabout that I did last week. I happened on to a 99 cents sale on salad dressing/marinade from Old Cape Cod. I’ve grilled chicken thighs with teriyaki sauce, but never adapted something like this to a meat-veggie skewer combo. Seeing the wasabi soy ginger dressing caused the idea to leap into my head. (That, and the fact that I have this challenge going on and the fact that I had some baby bella mushrooms in my fridge that I needed to do something with ASAP.)

Still improving my food styling skills. Don’t judge me. : )


  • 4 or 5 boneless, skinless chicken thighs
  • 1/2 cup of Old Cape Cod wasabi soy ginger marinade (or your favorite teriyaki sauce, with a little wasabi, cayenne or red pepper flakes)
  • One large onion, cut into large chunks (I cut each half into 8 chunks of multiple layers)
  • 1 package of baby bella mushrooms, stems removed, washed, dried

Add everything to a gallon-sized ziploc bag, making sure to mix the sauce through thoroughly. Marinate for a least 20 minutes. (I wouldn’t marinate more than a couple hours, unless you can vouch for me that the onions and mushrooms won’t be mushy.)

Thread onto skewers and grill until the chicken is done.

Notes: I served this with boil-in-bag brown rice, grilled scallions and a little more of the marinade. Be encouraged that it can come together fairly quickly!

Grilled scallions are served in Western Hemisphere Latin/Spanish cooking, but I know scallions appear in Asian cooking as well, so I figured why not toss some scallions from my garden with the marinade and see what happens? It turned out pretty tasty. (I only wish I had more scallions for the meal; can’t wait until the rest of them get big enough to pick.)

Even if you do buy the Old Cape Cod product, if you like spicy food you might still want to up the spiciness with some red pepper flakes. The sauce had attitude, but wasn’t really all that hot.


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