Buffalo Shrimp Skewers With Grilled Celery


I’m trying to run through the various types of things you could possibly skewer and grill for my kebab-a-week commitment this summer, and today I have a seafood recipe.

I made this one on a work night on my indoor electric grill, so unfortunately I don’t have a lot of pictures (too focused on getting this to the table!) But that just means the recipe can be reproduced quickly! It brings the flavors of buffalo chicken (down to the celery accompaniment!) but in a different, more healthy manner.


  • 14 jumbo shrimp, peeled from their shells (mine were thawed frozen shrimp that were deveined and ready to peel)
  • Hot sauce to taste (I went with enough to douse the shrimp in a marinade, and then later baste them, approximately 1/8 cup)
  • Additional seasoning of your choice, to taste (I went with good old salt, pepper and garlic)
  • One small onion, cut into 8 pieces
  • 2 celery stalks, cut into thirds or quarters

Spread the shrimp out on a work surface and sprinkle with your seasonings. Then add to a bag or bowl with your hot sauce. Marinate for no more than 15 to 20 minutes. (I let them marinate while the grill was heating and I prepared to bake fish, because I’m the only one in my family who eats shrimp…)

Skewer the onion. When the time comes, skewer the shrimp separately. No skewers necessary for the celery chunks–they’ll go directly on the grill.

Grill the shrimp until they’re cooked through. Grill the onion until it has browned a bit. Grill the celery until it has softened and taken on a bit of color.

Slice the celery after you’ve taken it off of the grill.

Notes: The quantity of shrimp is enough for two people. You will likely have more than enough onion and celery. I just happen to like the taste of grilled vegetables and tend to make extra!

I served the shrimp, onions and celery over couscous (it’s the side we all agree on in my house, so you’ll probably see it pop up a lot), but your favorite rice would also work. In addition to the shrimp and a vegetable or salad, other side options I’d go for include roasted squash, fiesta corn (frozen or canned, or make your own version by adding grilled peppers and onions to cooked corn), or seasoned black beans.

If you’d like a more authentic buffalo chicken flavor, melt a tablespoon of I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter Light and mix it with the hot sauce before marinating the shrimp. I omitted it to cut back on calories. Another idea for making this more of a “buffalo” experience: top the shrimp with a tablespoon or two of fat-free bleu cheese dressing.

I recommend grilling everything separately since the shrimp will take much less time to cook than the onions. Trust me, I know from experience…

Watch the celery carefully on the grill. It took a while for it to pick up color, but you don’t want to forget about it, either, because the water will steam out and you’ll be left with something inedible that resembles a Shrinky-Dink (Again, trust me, I know from experience.)


2 thoughts on “Buffalo Shrimp Skewers With Grilled Celery

    • Sometimes I like celery, and sometimes I don’t, but grilling definitely mellowed out the flavor a bit. It’s a good alternative for me to dipping it in salad dressing. Cheers!

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