Alors On Zumba

It’s been a very long time since I’ve written anything, I know. If anyone has investigated how to go about putting my Twitter avatar on a milk carton, I thank you for your concern!

What has kept me away has been myself and my scattered attention. I’ve been stuck working 3 intense gigs at the same time, at all hours of day and night. I’ve orchestrated two cookouts in one week (!). I’ve sent a child to kindergarten. I’ve begun to schedule festivities for my upcoming anniversary. I’ve slept (not enough). I’ve stressed (too much).

One thing that has kept a smile on my face recently, though, is knowing that a Zumba class was on the way. I signed up for the class a while ago, and I took it yesterday–my first time taking a full-length aerobics class.

So I endured some work-related craziness of my own design, and then I Zumba’d. I didn’t think it would kill me, because I’ve worked out to dance exercise videos at home. (It did definitely make my legs sore for a while a few hours later, but I’ve awakened with no stiffness or soreness today.) The choreography was a bit challenging, but I kept moving in some manner the whole class, whether it was in a good approximation of the instructor’s moves, or my own freestyle combo of hip-hop and Latin moves.

I loved it! Will I be one of the amped-up Zumba infomercial-type people who go all in on the Zumba wristbands and such? I don’t think so. What it did for me was to provide physical activity in a dance form (my favorite), and it got me around others to keep me excited and motivated (and to reality check me on the fact that I’m not the only one that struggles with the movements sometimes). I think I would get that from any class.

The people were great, though. The instructor was inspiring and supportive, even if she didn’t really teach the moves. (She was honest enough to warn us of that ahead of time, though, thankfully.) The class members were of all fitness levels and ages, and both genders and various ethnicities were represented in the roughly 30 people present. There were hats headbands, scarves, a hijab, one official Zumba T-shirt, and also two coin-laden hip wraps that made a back-up rhythm section for the dance music.

It felt good to carve out an hour of time from my hectic life with something fun. It felt good to be moving. It felt good to be comfortable doing something that I didn’t execute perfectly, and to be OK wit that. It felt good to know my cavalier eating of late was being countered with heart-pounding, sweat-generating, leg-muscle-straining activity. I can’t wait for next week!


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