How to Feed a Hungry Man…and Meet Weight Loss Goals

I stopped by the Pathmark yesterday evening to get dinner and check for sales. I scored on both points! I got $4.99/lb. salmon, a beef tenderloin for $20 (first time I’ve seen them for less than $40 or $50 bucks!) discounted bread, and a rotisserie chicken. I felt like the woman in the Ikea commercial who feels like she just committed a heist.

While I was getting out of my work clothes, my husband proceeded to snatch up half of the chicken for himself, with a healthy serving of rice and beans. What did I eat? A little chicken on two corn tortillas, with a little chile powder, cumin, cayenne, garlic powder and salt sprinkled on, and a dollop of Greek yogurt, with a salad topped with salsa. (My son had soft tacos, too, with cheese.)


Yes, it is possible to feed a hungry significant other or child while you’re trying to lose weight or maintain a healthy lifestyle. It just calls for flexibility and moderation. Here’s how I make that happen every day:

Grill, baby, grill. I’ve never met as voracious eater who didn’t like grilled meat. Grill chicken breast, pork loin chops, lean cuts of meat, shrimp, fish, turkey burgers…There are lots of options!

You have your carbs, and I have mine. My husband loves white rice. I don’t eat a lot of brown rice, even. Neither of us is a major pasta eater. While I eat mostly corn, carrots, green peas and sweet potatoes, I make the rice for him and my son, and mashed potatoes. When they eat bread, I often eat corn tortillas instead.

Smaller portions. For things like my skinny lasagna, I eat a serving with a salad, and everyone else eats as much as they want. Problem solved!

This is the remix. Even when I splurge, I still tread lightly for myself. For example, while I might make a chicken cheese steak for my husband on a proper roll (Philly stand up!), with cheese, mayo and ketchup (the only way to do it, IMO), I make mine with a little less cheese and serve it in a fat-free tortilla.

For me, there’s nothing better than being able to put together something that’s stock and has universal appeal for my family. What are you favorite loved-by-everyone meals?


3 thoughts on “How to Feed a Hungry Man…and Meet Weight Loss Goals

    • I agree! Keeping even about what both of you eat, and also balancing out to allow for splurges for yourself. Definitely another level of compromise for a relationship!

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