I call this a diet blog, and it is, for me and many followers of Weight Watchers!

The recipes I post are ones that adhere to Weight Watchers daily nutrition guidelines and requirements that may not be appropriate for followers of other diets.

For example, amounts of oils used are designed to meet Weight Watchers daily requirements per serving, but they can be reduced if you are following another plan. (Or, you could substitute in cooking spray or even water for sauteeing, for example.).

All recipes are ones I have created or have sourced to others. These are all things I have eaten while on Weight Watchers, as part of a balanced diet, while having lost 40 lbs. so far (01/01/12). If you would like to post one of my recipes, please attribute it to me (or whomever I attribute to in the post).

Those who pay for Weight Watchers are encouraged not to share out information on the plan (POINTS values, etc.), and I intend to follow this request. If you are not a paid Weight Watchers member, you can still sign up for access to the Web site (www.weightwatchers.com) and learn more about the plan.

I also should add that I have no medical training, just the experience that has come from having been on a weight loss journey for three years and having lost 40 lbs. Please seek advice from a medical professional on any unique considerations you should keep in mind for losing weight in the way that’s right for you and your body.

I wish you the best on your journey for a new, healthier body!


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