Still Writing Down the Street

Thank you for stopping by to visit this blog. I have had a great time writing it, sharing my thoughts on weight loss, food and emotions. While my posting has gotten sporadic this year, I’ve been slowly putting writing efforts toward another blog I started recently, called The Savannah Spirit.

The Savannah Spirit is a bit more free-form, about my life, and how I am fighting my way out of the shyness and social anxiety that has followed me around for pretty much all my life. At one point you could say I put value on these qualities for how they protected me from the things I thought were negative and harmful in my life, but now I am longing to live more freely and more connected with others. To that end, I have been focusing my writing on the ways that I have fought back at my fears and defenses.

I am not shutting down Let Them Eat Great, but I will not be keeping up the three times a week publishing that I once provided. Stop by the new blog for tales about how my life has been enriched by BBC Sherlock, Led Zeppelin, and other experiences that don’t involve British people, like neglected scallions, board game luncheons, and a rock climbing wall. And, here’s a little something on why I’ve given my new blog its name.